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Director of Finance

Location: Toronto, ON, Canada
Date Posted: 01-03-2018
Did you begin 2018 by resolving that you are going to join an organization where you can truly make a difference?  If so, we would like to speak with you.

StrategyCorp creates conditions for success. This is the advisory firm that leaders call when they have a “bet the company” challenge. Since our founding in 1995, we have grown to more than 50 employees in two offices and we continue to grow at a rapid rate. Our recent successes helped reshape Canada, from securing billion dollar commitments in support of infrastructure projects from three levels of government, building the information backbone for Canada’s medicare system, and managing the social license for some of the country’s most complex mergers and acquisitions. Our alumni are found at the highest levels of corporate leadership and public service.
We specialize in providing strategic advisory services – public affairs, strategic communications, and management consulting – to private and public sector organizations operating in complex, highly regulated and highly scrutinized environments. We are a trusted advisor to clients with interests and high-stakes mandates throughout Canada, as well as in the United States, the Middle East, Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean.
We are currently hiring a Director of Finance to lead the Finance and Administration functions of the firm.
Key Responsibilities:
  1. Finance function. We have in place a Controller and an Accounting Manager responsible for the daily work of tracking time, preparing invoices, ensuring collections, dealing with our bank, making tax and other regulatory payments. The Director of Finance oversees the work of the Finance staff to ensure quality, efficiency and timeliness.
  1. Management reporting / Decision support. The Director of Finance is responsible to the Principals for building and managing the annual budget, and for developing and delivering the monthly and quarterly reporting performance dashboards. In addition, we require a skill set that will allow us to analyze issues and opportunities as they arise, to help support decision making by the Principals and VPs. This is of particular importance as the firm propels itself forward, requirement more systems and analytical capabilities to manage.
  1. Information and Communication Technology (ICT). A critical part of the new role is the management of our ICT, including management of our outsourced managed service provider, user support, system security, etc. A key objective over the next 12 months is the upgrading of our financial management system – a change to the time recording system, an improved architecture to access more timely reporting, a new invoicing process, etc. Having experience with a financial systems implementation would be very helpful. As well, we are planning to evaluate more technology based tools to enhance our consulting practice – ICT fluency is essential in our new hire.
  1. Facilities and real estate. A part of the new role is the management of our lease arrangements, contribution to build-out efforts when they occur, relationship with the landlord, security and maintenance of the physical plant, etc. This dimension of the role will be important in the next 24 months as we make significant physical changes to the Toronto office;
  1. HR administration. With our growth has come the need for more HR administration – policy implementation, administrative management of HR files, benefits, etc. 
  1. Principal reporting. Increasingly we provide the growing ranks of Principals support with reporting on their client activities and their practice.
Over course of the first year in the position, it is anticipated that the Director of Finance will have:
  1. Developed the annual budget and reporting regimen to navigate the fiscal year.
  2. Gained the confidence of the Partners and senior staff such that their input will be actively sought on business performance and strategic decisions.
  3. Made significant progress planning for the build-out of the Toronto office.
  4. Selected and implemented a new accounting system and associated productivity tools to enhance consultant performance.
Profile sought:
To be successful in the role, we anticipate that the ideal candidate will bring the following qualifications and experience to the role:
  1. A CPA designation and 10+ of experience in mid-sized organizations.
  2. Experience managing a small Accounting team plus Information Technology and Administration.
  3. Experience in a professional services environment where accounting is centered around client projects and the tracking of labour costs.
  4. The ability to work in a consensus-based partnership structure and find solutions that meet the needs of each Principle.
  5. Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
Please direct all communication to Kevin Tennant of Farber Group’s Interim Management & Executive Search team.
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